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Smart Fresh Air Mask-Air Experts

Airwheel F3 Smart electric air mask in unique ventilation design,built-in air motor which is Motor drives wheel on wind cavity to suck air and breathe gas, excellent permeability, can realize two-stall adjustment, and produce air with high effectivity and actively deliver fresh air.

    Airwheel-Air Experts

    Smart fresh air mask丨In and out dual filter丨Inlet filter once丨Dual filtering

  • Double filtering in and out
  • Boiling sterilization
  • Adjustment of wind speed
  • APP interconnection
  • Food-grade materials
  • 3-step filter replacement

    Intelligent fresh air system

    Aerodynamic system

    Every bite is fresh air

    Aerodynamic system to avoid secondary intake of exhaust gas, slightly low positive pressure.Free switching for inlet air /air out with slightly negative pressure

    Endurance time


    Fan speed


    Intelligent detection

    Adjustment of wind speed

    Professional sensors detect dynamic and static conditions.Automatically adjusts wind speed for more comfortable breathing.

    Boiling+Alcohol Disinfection

    Safe Hygienic Convenient

    Silicone / front&back cover for easy removal, antibacterial material.Can be washed and boiled for 5 minutes to kill 99.9% of bacteria

    4-layer efficient

    Filtration technology

    Airwheel fresh air mask contains 4 high-efficiency filter layers.Effectively block PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances


    PM2.5 filtration rate up to

    Food grade soft silicone

    360-degree fit face

    Ergonomic design, 360-degree fit on the face.Food grade soft silicone hardness, suitable for long

    APP Smart Reminder

    Replace the filter

    According to the use time and the use environment, real-time monitoring of the use of the filter element, the APP intelligently reminds the user to replace the filter element in time

    Decomposition and decryption

    Of black technology